About Us

GuluGulu, located in 4/f 10 Knutsford Terrace Tsim Sha Tsui, is not only local bar. To experience the real Hong Kong style partying, this new bar in town aims to offer you the entire adventure, but without you feeling left out. As the name suggests, Gulu-Gulu will keep your thirst quenched, but with so much more to offer.

You will first experience the rather quirky decorations, from flights of neon lights to suggestive visuals, reminiscing the naughty nature of a night out. But the surprise you will find next will be the exceptional culinary experience crafted for you. The signature cocktails here are blended by award winning bartender, and the yakotori (skewers) menu is personally crafted by a Japanese master chef.
We get that you are not here to dine, and this is where you will get what you are looking for, something that LKF will never be able to offer. You will party the ways locals do. You will be challenged with drinking games such as 'chai-mui', beer-pong and pool. Once you have mastered the games, you will find yourself challenging the next table neighbours for a few fun-filled drinking besides just chugging away the drinks like you often do.